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Activities and Lesson Plans

15 Projects with goals of education and a whole lotta fun!


Teach students to think creatively and become better readers.

Practice informative writing.

Practice creative writing while increasing the student's emotional vocabulary.

Make learning physically active and fun!

Practice tracking and counting by taking info from the text and relating it to the real world.

Connect the process of creative writing to making images that tell stories.

Practice creative writing through directed and un-directed storytelling.

Explore emotions and expand feelings vocabulary.

Increase reading comprehension by processing and retelling the story.

To understand and practice persuasive writing. 

Self connection. Make connections between the text and their own new creative ideas.

Discuss what causes each emotion to explore empathy.

Print, color, cut and solve the Porter Puzzle.

To connect with characters, explore cleaning up their room and explore their inner grossness!

Practice writing skills while getting to move around the classroom.

Print, laminate and allow students to play memory games or “go fish.” 

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