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Folder Content Description


Parent Homework Page

PDFs in English and Spanish. Note that they are 8.5” x 15”.

Ransacked Cover.jpg

Book Cover

The cover of Porter the Hoarder and the Ransacked Room to use in your materials.

Halloween Porter.png

Graphic Design

Here you will find elements to create your own Porter documents such as flyers, etc.  The folder includes:

Character Designs: Illustrations you are welcome to use on any/all of your materials.

Document Fonts: These are the fonts we frequently use in our materials. You are welcome to do the same, or change it up!

Flyer Background: A general texture.

Napoleon Dynamite Banner: Feel free to use this in your materials. This is a custom design  and doesn’t require clearance by the movie studio.



8.5”x11” templates to use for your flyers. In both landscape and portrait orientation.

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