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Sean Covel​

Sean Covel is a film and television producer who grew up in a blip of a town in the BlackHills of South Dakota. His credits include Beneath for Paramount Pictures, The 12 Dogs of Christmas directed by Academy Award Winner, Keith Merrill, and the iconic independent film, Napoleon Dynamite.

Together, Sean’s movies have played lots of places, won a bunch of awards and whatever, and — most importantly — gotten nerds prom dates across the globe. Hevery much wishes that would’ve been the case when he was in high school.

Sean enjoys shooting movies, writing weirdo children’s books with his weirdo friends, and lecturing at universities and film festivals internationally, but he hangs his nunchucks in Deadwood, SD

Rebecca Swift

Rebecca Swift should’ve had a perfectly reasonable career in a perfectly reasonablefield. This is due to having excellent parents. Imagine their concern as their daughterexpressed interest in all things “the arts.”


In addition to drawing doodles and painting pictures, Rebecca is an established singer-songwriter, having been on American Idol and releasing her first album North of Normallater that same year. When not art-ing up the place, Rebecca works as a professionalmakeup artist. Which is still art. But on faces.

Rebecca is a proud mum to two girls (Quinn and Logan) and a lil dude (Tommy). Thethree were in no way an inspiration for the Porter the Hoarder series. Except that theywere. Completely. Logan has a thing for stashing candy that is borderline interventioninspiring. ...It’s a concern.


Rebecca hangs her many, many (many) hats in Bridgewater, SD

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Porter the Hoarder and
Pappy’s Perfect Pizza Party

Help Porter make her Grand-Pappy’s favorite birthday pizza! Should she use moldy Muenster cheese, pickled pigs feet, and crispy crunchy chocolate-covered grasshoppers?

Porter the Hoarder
the Nature Explorer

Porter is on a nature hike and can only bring home one wagon-load of treasures. Should she keep the fossilized deer dookie, slimy squiggly earth worms, and flatulent flying fish?


Porter the Hoarder and
the Halloween Happening

Porter is about to trick-or-treat the heck out of the monster neighborhood. Who knows WHAT she will find, but you can bet she’s going to want to bring it ALL home!

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